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Striving as a Pro!

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“Core Values & Ethical Principles are often percieved as one and the same, but as we have often seen are in fact somewhat different in definition and application” (Koehler 2005)

Professional Practice is in my eyes, simple to define, its what you are good at, because if you are good at your work, even though it may not be the best position or even profession that are are in, you as a person has expectations and skills that you want to enhance.

Within developing the many assignments for the MLIS the one theme that keeps reacurring is “Creativity”. To express your ideas in many shapes, either through Blog’s or creating the module to your intrests, ideas and experiences.

Throughout my years working in Hospitality you are engineered to be organised and prepared for the worst, it looks very bad if you run out of wine an hour into service or you don’t have enough food prepared when you have forth warning that the restaurant is going to be busy!

Creativity buils your confidence, I find the feedback you get from collegues and educators is so fulfilling that you just want to try more.

Competencies is a new word within the world of professions for me, I never once thought that my abilities, knowledge and skills gave impact to an organisation. I was there to provide a service, like anyone else, they needed someone to serve drinks and organise a function I had those skills… so the job got done. However looking back over my time in various Hotels many instances arose where it was busy and I was called on to manage these large functions because I was certain it had to be a success, nothing was to go wrong, that is not professional!

Being prepared is essential with the Hospitality industry you need to plan in advance so that when the time arrives to actually get the room ready you have everything you need you just need to arrange it.

Having excellent communication skills is a must to make sure everyone knows what page there on, if the chef has only 40 salmon portions and you have 100 sitting down to eat plan with you staff to recommed the Beef or the Pasta dish and “go easy” on the salmon.

Know what you selling, if you get a new wine in stock, research it.. if you don’t have previous knowledge or this particular label or grape. Another example is, if a new dish has been made, ask the chef questions, there is nothing worse than a customer asking a question and you having to leave the table to go find information elsewhere.

All the skills I have gained in my previous career are so important and transferable to this discipline, however there are many more areas that I need to work on, for example presentation skills, even though I am a bubbly and talkative person the minute I have to give a presentation I will crumble and fall. It is these esteem building skills that I would be prepared to focus on.

The idea of PLN is definitely not new, the old saying rings true. “It’s not what you know it’s who you know” is often heard to network people within areas of your expertise. However now it seems that what you know should be given to others in order to get them into your cirle. The book by Bedell speaks of social bookmarking, which I am really enjoying, for instance one of my classmates posted on her blog about the website which I found excellent and will use.

The last aspect that I find new and exciting is the compoent of a live event, being prepared to attend conferences and events within the library and information studies fields is dauting, the recent event I got invited to in Trinity was a perfect example. I arrived in my own college wear, however the guy that was talking was a marketing executive and everyone was in suits and dressed impeccable, hence I sat at the back and once it ended I fled!!!

I am hoping that this blog and the other 2 I have created will help me in my journey to entering the career of Information and Libray Studies, social networking is something that I think will help me build on my presentations skills, the ability to talk to people who you don’t know and ask questions about areas you are not really sure of will make me more confident to stand up and talk about an area that I truly love and understand.

That’s all folks !!!!



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