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“Your task is not to foresee the future, but to enable it”

The topic for this weeks class is 21st Century Libraries, this is a very interesting topic, as we are now at the stage, where the Information and Technical world is growing at a lighting speed, and Libraries are desperately trying to keep up.

The role we now play as potential Librarian’s or Information Professional’s or Investigative Researchers, we have the opportunity to, Stop, take the time to have a look around at what everyone else is saying and more importantly DOING..and take note.

This is a opportunity that will not come our way again, we as students of the Library and Info world, can take these ideas and work them to suit our own visions of what we want in our career. It is this insight and Knowledge that we can ultimately bring the library forward and maybe stay on track with the advances in Technology.

It is a tough challenge, there are lots of things going against us, economic, political, and what is caught up in all of this is technology.  We can’t invest in thousands of pounds, dollars and euros on state of the art software, when we don’t even know how we can incorporate it, into our space, or the context of the community the Library sits in. We first need to ask what do we need from technology, who needs this technology and how do we use it in the space we are in.

It is this role of an Information Professional that is in the field now to start this ball turning, like the panel on the Webinar we watched, exciting invigorated people who have all different settings of a library, but yet come together to see what can be done and question why it can’t.

Librarians and Information Professionals have always been about giving people the right Information, nothing has changed in that sense, only how we give the right information has changed, and how too change the users ability to find the right information via these new technical sources.

Entering this changing environment is having the ability to adapt on a very regular basis, to find a balance in the change and services you provide to your user, to make and take all good decisions and use them to the best ability of the institution.

Public Libraries will have a difficulty in keeping up with the ever emerging trends, as political and economic reasons just won’t allow it, as the recession keeps on rumbling public libraries will change in the way they are structured, that is more welcoming in terms of open spaces, interaction between technical devices, provide an adaptable service via technical uses however small, it will change however it will be a challenge.

Other types of information organisations differ to public libraries because the user is different, end of story! It is the reason we provide information to give it to a certain group of people, business, health, law, academic. It is similar as it still gives the user the information they are seeking.

It is time to watch, listen, and learn, eventually we will CREATE!!!


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