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Even though  I have been active in the social networking world, I have increased this wonderful activity since starting back this semester . And here is my first word cloud. I am so proud!!

Enhancing my LinkedIn account in order to connect with people, however I found that when I went to college for classes all my fellow colleagues had so much recent news about libraries, authors, new technologies, and I wondered where do they get this from, how do they have the time to read all this.

The answer was TWITTER, even though I had an account I really was not as clued in as I thought I was. The information began to flow, and yes even though I still did not have time to access every article, I found a way to bookmark all the interesting blogs, news clippings, reports.

One of these interesting articles falls in with a new topic to come my way, advocacy. It was this new way of building a better perception of libraries. To view these words like “user” and “service” to see how people interact with them. In this way we can then adapt the ways in which we transform the library into a digital, techie era!

The stats are astonishing, and the areas people are worried about and feel the need to develop overlap in many ways, for instance the outcome of the survey undertaken in America, see that libraries needs to build ways in they can manage the data that envelopes their space, however with cuts in funding at their doorstep they are trying to find way to build a technological infrastructure to maintain this management.

The second area which we are all seeing change is the access to research, with costs increasing to purchase publications, libraries need to reach out for support in order to provide a service to all disciplines.

It is these reports that will be the blueprint in transforming libraries, we are a global community of information that dips into every discipline and that every organisation at some point or another seeks our skills. However it is not a one way street were we do the work for them, engaging in a dialogue where we work with each other is paramount to the continuation of our skills and advancing our abilities.


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3 thoughts on “Connections!

  1. Hello Siobhan
    As you’ve found Twitter is great for networking, especially for building connections beyond your immediate work-sphere.

    Based on the things you’re talking about you might also be interested in these library networks too:

    LIS New Professionals Network

    The Library2 network focuses on digital aspects of libraries.

    And if you want to follow any more library types on Twitter it might be worth you taking a look at these lists.

    Hope this is useful.

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