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The Tipping Point!

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Since we broke for Spring Break (as I will now and forever refer to it) I felt I had everything under control.

All modules were in check, and I was nicely moving along, the sun had begun to shine and the daffodils were blooming.

Then it slowly changed in a day the temperatures dropped, rain, snow, sleet.

So I took the miserable weather and sat down to organise my 2 weeks off.

  2. Digital Libraries

However 2 weeks later I am no more further than I was when I made the list, hence the title of this post.

I am at the tipping point, however I don’t now if Malcolm Gladwell’s book will help me get through these assignments.


This blog is certainly the place for me right now. A place where I can write and space out my fears of college and reflect on what I really have to do. There is a point when you get yourself into a rut, that you really can’t see the wood from the trees and time seems to go at super speed. Week 8 is fast approaching, I am going to take these next few weeks and visit the National Library, go to Chester Beatty Library which I adore and start planning a productive approach to seeking employment!

The Library world that I have been apart of since starting in SILS has made this approach to planning exciting. To seek employment on a scale where I can access people for advice on job applications, interviews and certain career choices, is amazing.

It is not a world where you feel on your own, since being to the conferences and meeting the various Library personal and engaging with the talks on twitter I feel very confident that I will find some kind of experience outside college.

So, to put aside all worries and set a new plan for getting my assignments done, it will be all worth it in the end.

I love reading I just have a lot of it to do!


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