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Artefact #3 Analysing Information seeking behaviours of Football Fans

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My module for Information Behaviour was an interesting choice, we had covered a small piece of this topic in semester 1 and it really intrigued me. As I read the course description I was sold, over the semester class would be held online each week, through Blackboard collaborate.

In addition, each week 2 members of the class would be seminar leaders and work together with the readings allocated for that week. We also had a Facebook page were the class added their opinions about the readings a fruitful discussion began from week 1.

Assessments were just 1, which was due end of term, however as each week would build up our knowledge of information behaviour we needed to keep this assessment in mind and build on it each week. My topic was centred around football fans which originated from my interest in how sport can effect the male population and how they show different emotions throughout a football match or any sporting event.

The final draft of my presentation is here:

It was so much fun, it really opened my eyes into the many decisions one has to make when undertaking a observation project. At first I wanted to go to a football match, however on further analysis it was apparent I would not be able to take notes while there. So I decided I would watch a football match in a pub. This decision alone was the most important decision I had to make within this project as context proved to be the foundation for all other behavioural traits.

This was a different project from anything else I had done before as it was only as I started compiling the document did I find the various elements that attached to it. As I documented each observation many threads started to emerge, some of the threads to emerge really did amaze me, the difference in the groups I observed along with the different football teams they supported really brought out difference along with similarities between the people.

The module altogether was very insightful in how people behave in general. It was amazing to find a another world of theories from what I had previously done in Sociology.


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