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blogging requires passion and authority

Blogging is a great way for one to reflect on various topics they are interested in, however it takes alot of time, if you have something you want to speak about and you think “This topic is great for a blog post on that” .

However it takes at least and hour or two to write a rough draft, and then add some visual materials or links you like.

You also need to be quick, because you are not the only one thinking these ideas.

I like this picture I found on the web, it does require a certain voice to blog in, you really have to be passionate about what you are talking about and really know the topics that you want to cover.

In order to keep this blog up to date and within my passion for libraries I have created a blog post for the LAI Career Development Group at their recent conference in Croke Park,

I spilt the conference into 2 parts. Part one is all about the networking, something that has been incorporated into our own module for the MLIS. Part two is all about how to keep the skills you have if you are entering the profession or have recently been left go from a position.

My plan for the summer is to keep blogging as much as I can and not just for myself for anyone who wants me to to blog on there behalf, WHY? Because I LOVE TO!


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