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So today is the day, it has finally arrived.  I cannot believe that my Masters is finished and my Capstone project is completed. It has been an unbelievable 4 years of my college time in UCD, I never thought in a million years I would ever get this far, and I am so happy I found the School of Library and Information Studies in UCD, and the amazing library community in Ireland and beyond.

I have finally found out what I want to do which 4 years I was still very scared that it would not work out. I have found that I can  do whatever I want if I put my mind to it. But it is thanks to the many people I have met on this journey and the many people who challenged my perceptions and ideas to give me that wider perspective on life.

The many academics that I have come to know during my Undergrad and especially during my Masters have been out of this world, and it is in these times of reflection that as a person you realise the only way of getting this far was zoning in on the certain people who voiced similar opinions you have and were experts in fields that you longed to learn about.

I am so excited to be back writing this blog, and I hope this blog does reach a whole new group of people in the following few months as I really do love it. It is a great place for reflection not just on topics that you consider interesting but how you as a person develop writing skills and how you engage with other bloggers by reading and commenting on their posts or tweeting your posts to your peers in the library community. It really does empower me to keep going and not loose faith and not  leave the current library job prospects get me down. What is meant to be will not pass you by!

So my plan is

1. To get through the mountain of articles I have built up since May,

2. Read and write about the various topics they cover and what everyone else is talking about

3. Register for as many Library events I can possibly manage.

4. READ READ READ, my list at the moment contains 5 books for the Man Booker List, and the many books that I wanted to read last year.

I am moving house and I plan on setting up a separate space only for me, which will be my Reading/Writing Room, I may just get a sign and call it “Scribbles and Squiggles” and idea!

So even though it is the end of my studies it is the beginning of something new and a really exciting time, new house, new location, new job, WOW I DID IT!!!




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Loves Libraries, Books, and Sunshine!

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