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My love for David Weinberger


imagesAs I began to prepare for this MOOC, I did a little researching on the concept “Hyperlinked” and from there Michael Stephens had a few things already online, so I researched where he got his ideas from and I found David Weinberger, and from there my love for his ideas and thoughts grew, after reading the article given to us for module 2 I then had to go off and find more which I did and for some of you who has found his ideas interesting here is the following video I hope you find it interesting.

So in this video Weinberger is illustrating how his new book “Too big to know” maps knowledge, libraries and new technology. In the interview provided for this MOOC some interesting points were analysed. First Weinberger shows that the West is in a crisis of knowledge because of the rapid change in knowledge and this is solely down to the internet. Here he states that   we have a “networked knowledge” because we are “hyperlinked online”

images (1)

At first his explanation did not seem to fit well with me how old ideas of knowledge were unrealistic and that today our knowledge is realistic because we have moved from a notion of gather information from books and taking it into our minds and becoming informed, but today because knowledge has taken in many more elements like discussion and argument we are understanding this knowledge more rather than accepting and this is more realistic.

It is the first time I have truly started not agreeing with a scholar and then immediately agree with them, for instance Weinberger refers to “stupid rooms” I hate the word stupid I don’t think anyone is stupid and I instantly recoil when I hear people use it, but he goes on to suggest how to build smart rooms and to do this we need diversity we start with our own basic foundation for wanting to be in the room, like this MOOC and then we build on our interests by joining different tribes and engaging in different topics, so in Weinberger’s eyes we have created many “smart rooms” but none of us where ever stupid!!!

Lastly and one that I would love to look at more is his statement about objectivity that it is a person viewing the world with no point of view and that this cannot be possible for any human being because of context and learning, he states “Transparency is the new objectivity”

I am off to buy this book!



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3 thoughts on “My love for David Weinberger

  1. Snap! I have borrowed 4 of his books from my local-ish Uni and am fascinated by his arguments. I also love the way he puts an argument together.

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