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It’s week 4 already!!!

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This week has been crazy and to make it even crazier I am so behind in my work for this MOOC and the 2 other’s I have enrolled in OMG!

So after only a small piece of reflection I shall begin, the problem that seems to be a given within libraries is how to incorporate the many new technologies and how to manage a balance between teaching and engaging the staff along with transferring that knowledge to the users which are in any library very diverse.

It takes the right management and right focus within the library to get this balance right and match it to the library itself and the people that walk through the doors. These many elements have to be matched and watched so carefully in order for the technologies to work within that space and time.

Not only do all these elements need to be addressed they need to be constantly watched in the way they changed and morph with time and innovation and society, how the next generation is going to be so advanced in the nature of technology.

A timeline of these decisions need to made in order to understand how they are going to work before you incorporate them into your space, and then make them work within the context of your library and community.

This needs active participation from everyone in the library and it needs to be fast in the way it is researched and decided upon or else it will be too late and another technology will have muscled its way into your plan.

If the library has a strong and open minded management along with open and active staff the process is already half way there however the one item I have a hard time looking at is the fact that this may not be the case in every library and as a person who is not embedded within a library this scares me and disappoints me.

So maybe for many libraries out there that have embraced these new technologies have also addressed the many issues pertaining to the library, so a blessing in disguise I hope.



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