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Week 9 #1

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I am going to take some elements of the lecture and mix them together with a journal article from San Jose titled:




‘Demonstrating the value of the public library: Economic Valuation and the Advocacy Imperative’ By Tracy L. Micka, 2013.

Micka (2013) has written a very insightful article on how libraries in America have formulated themselves in a way that they can now prove just how valuable libraries are to society in a economic crisis. Libraries all around the world are fighting for survival because of the demand with the public sector the most argued debate is how to distribute the taxpayers monies to keep these other services alive however at the end of the list is libraries.

Elements of this paper fit nicely with the topic that is this weeks Hyperlib MOOC and that is ‘Creativity’. The timeline that Micka (2013) relates to within her article also mirrors the transformation in technology and how libraries have been affected by this, in some ways good in other opinions not so good (we don’t like those opinions). However what we do have is two elements of transforming technology first these new sophisticated tools give libraries what Micka (2013) calls a “trajectory of economic valuation”  which is what I have coined “a survival guide for libraries”, this is how libraries use these new tools to show their performance over a certain time, and with this performance many libraries have put on a fabulous show.

The main director of this show is Chris Anderson (2013) in his new book ‘Makers: The New industrial revolution’  he gives three transformative characteristics which in a nut shell includes : Digital DIY, Cultural norm & Common design. These three characteristics are begin produced all over the world and by transferring these into a space within a library we as information professionals and educators are enhancing this production and giving the the policy makers and governmental authorities the proof that libraries are indeed worthy of taxpayers money just as much as the next public service.

It is matching these two articles and finding the link between the two that has shown the validity in using a economic valuation frameworks and models. There is a visible shift in libraries and many state that we have moved from ‘Consumption’ to Production, however I challenge the way we use shift or transformation or evolution, the ‘Consumption’ of information within a library will always be there, it is the use of the Consumption that has changed it has now become the ‘Root’ of a library whereas before it was our entire being. Public libraries have ‘Grown’ so that now, we can give people the ability to Produce something and Create something with the aid of these new sophisticated tools.



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