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There are many aspects to a user’s experience and as society has changed so has the face of a library, which we hope has also changed the way a person uses a library.

Schmidt (2010) constructs this ‘mapping’ in which he thinks of  every step a user may need to go through in order to accomplish their informational need. Step by Step he brings us through the many interactions that person has with the many aspects of a library only 1 of those being us the librarian which for the first time it stuck me how we relate to the structure and how embedded we are in process.

Each of these elements need to adapt to the changes in society here the way I would approach and anticipate my users actions or informational needs to analyse and develop Political, environmental, social, and technical needs, changes or maybe wants within that community, also known as PEST.

Environmental changes for instance may affect how that community engage with seasonal changes if they are in a high flood plan or are prone to storms the information would change according to what informational needs the community has. This is one way of looking at how or what your users may need, during my time learning information behavior there were many articles like these:JunJul10_Palen_Starbird_Vieweg_Hughes that I found very interesting.

images cOf course the diversity of your population and community changes drastically from area to area and the social aspects would the geographical situation of the community rural or urban, social housing private housing etc.

Each of these elements gives you a foundation to build on when looking through that particular communities eyes, you can see gaps in where they lack information or could improve in areas of literacy skills and by doing this it changes and adapts your library to fulfilling their needs.

I recently came across a beautiful quote from an Irish lady Caitlin Moran and it goes like this: ‘A library in the middle of a community is a cross between an emergency exit, a life raft, and a festival’.

It is anticipating your community needs and making sure the process is free flowing that will ensure your diverse user and community a fluid service.


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