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Week 10: Learning and New Literacies

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Learning is acquiring new, or modifying and reinforcing, existing knowledge, behaviors, skills, values, or preferences and may involve synthesizing different types of information. (Wikipedia)

In this post I shall document the challenges and triumphs that have changed (A) In my approach to learning (B) my approach to the teacher (C) how I learn around my peers.

When you have a topic that you are very interested in, and on the first day of class the teacher is very clearly saying what he/she has said for a long time you can feel this by their body language and how they engage with the content which can be very disappointing.

I understand that 300+ students in a Sociology lecture year after year can get very repetitive, so why not change your content, laziness? That is a total contradiction, he/she is an academic they have to keep with the current changes in their profession, right?

Many times through my undergrad and Masters I found this, but I was a mature student so a part of me had an expectation of what a lecturer might be and one of those was a love for their profession. However it seemed that the love was there, they were just content with how they delivered it!

As I moved into the Masters a new way of learning was introduced: Group work!!! And it was my learning nightmare!!! It is a fear that I had of my own ability I had succeeded in the undergrad however I fought many demons along the way and now I had to share my work with a group of people that I knew were far more advanced than me.

It can have a terrible effect on someone when you do start to work on a project and you produce your work in a google doc and then you see what the rest of the group has produce you automatically feel like you have been kicked in the stomach, and then the editing happens and none of your work is yours anymore!!!

The only aspect of this group work that allowed me room to gain confidence was through the establishment of my blog, it was through this that I could be me, be colourful, add in funny remarks or pictures or link the topic to something current and argumentative. It also allowed me to be happy with my ability as a Masters student and to accept my ability within the library profession.

I will not fear the aspect of group work when I move into the working world of a library there will be many new aspects of how I approach teamwork and how I will work together with my colleagues.










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