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Week 7 Mobile and Geo-social environments

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libThis week’s topic is something that in the last 5 years I have come to question, then hate, then come very jealous of and now LOVE! The reason this relationship has panned out like this is, as smart phones became the norm, and iPhones became the phone to have:

I became frustrated with the lack of what my LG phone could do compared to an iPhone, and then became very jealous of the people who had them (my partner got one free and was always on it) and now I love it (as he got an upgrade, switched to a HTC and I got the iPhone)

However I feel I have come to know this new technology at the right time, as if I had explored and bought a iPhone 5 years ago, my Twitter account and my apps would be used in a very different way and for a different purpose.

This is how I view libraries using these new technologies, if they are going to embrace the massive and diverse nature Apps have they need to choose wisely as it can have an overpowering effect on the goals of the library and on the interests of the community.

I understand the use of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as a good utility for showing what the library has to offer and engaging with their community, however if the community is small and rural and has a limited knowledge of these devices and geospatial applications it needs to choose what is relevant to the community, the library and the overarching objectives that have been the foundation of the history and future of the community.

I agree with Michael when he notes that unique collections should be shown to the world, long gone are the days where you have to travel to a town, district to see a collection. There are many ways of choosing what you want digitised and what you want to leave untouched for the unique collectors or archivists to come see.

And it is deciding this first that will then allow you decide on the application you wish to incorporate into your library.

Onwards and upwards in this techie world!!!


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