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imagesLooking at Michael’s last lecture he resets his goals when preparing for this MOOC, and the first one he has outlined is the chance to give LIS professionals a space to explore and experience new ideas.

It is difficult to expand & explore ideas of the LIS profession when embedded in a college space as you are restricted to deadlines and topics chosen by the lectures etc.
The one element I felt I missed was the view of a librarian’s mindset we met with many librarians as one project was conducted with a librarian on how they built their yearly strategic plan IADT Report. The difference within this MOOC is how I was able to view our given tasks and jump into your minds and see how you developed and enhance your individual library space.

I do love the aspect of reflective practice and it is one that I will endeavour to do on a daily basis even if it is a short post about a small article or a series of small clippings about 1 article, as this will keep me engaged in my profession. It is very disheartening to apply for jobs and not get a chance at an interview, when you heard of other colleagues gaining very well within the profession. In order to keep my spirits up I promise myself to keep my blog live and active and happy!

“Core foundations of library values” (Stephens, 2013)

I love this quote from Michael he mentions it is to serve people, give access to resources to the people who may not have access, and as we do this “remember the library is human” I love this as I view my future within a public library.

In this view all I see is this engagement with people online and offline, they are people, people who care for information and are eager to learn, books are written by people the internet is maintained by people and libraries core value is FOR PEOPLE.

Stephen’s (2011) then goes on to illustrate why library students want to enter the profession, and the first reason given did make me laugh as it was one of the reasons I did not do librarianship for my undergraduate degree as I thought my love for books and libraries was a hobby. It took a lot of convincing from my partner who then took it upon himself to research the profession and the Masters which made me rethink librarianship as a profession.

I am very grateful to have found my career, for a long time of being in one that I was clearly unhappy in and then making the move to going back to college is daunting and also when starting out you still do not have a clear vision of what you want to do.

My plan for the future is to keep active online within the library profession and to keep gaining experience within libraries with the hope to fulfilling enough to gain a position within a public library within Ireland, it may take time however I have my whole life devoted to this profession and I hope all my dreams will come true.

Thank you #hyperlibMOOC you have begun this lifelong dream!!!



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