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Time Management Year 2014

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3-popular-time-management-tricks-dont-workThis year has been life changing, actually life began changing back in September! Many new elements of this life changing new career have begun to make me alter my daily routines.

Basically I have begun to create routine, silly really. However in my previous career routine did not exist and time management was were you constantly looked at the clock and service was ready at certain times or else your day was truly going to be a mess!
Organisational skills were always a key element within this sector you had to be super prepared in order to save you time and give the service a free flow and no mishap zone!
Fast forward and now I have deadlines, targets, meetings, commuting, travel schedules, and working from home! Working within my own time frame has been a challenge, working on a project and meeting deadlines works fine with me. I do succeed with these tasks and I don’t get overwhelmed or anxious about lack of time, however what I have found is that it is all I do! I find I do not use my mornings very productively I do not give myself continuing professional goals and I find that at the end of the week I am a little bit puzzled! Where did the week go? I use my time so loosely that my own personal aims and goals are put on hold! It is all my doing as I have not used my time correctly!
Here I turned to Laura Vanderkam and her book What the most successful people do before breakfast. This is basically to work out why I don’t like mornings and to plan each hour of everyday to figure out what I am doing, or in my case not doing!
One of these goals was to write this article between 6 & 8 am on my commute and here I am doing it!
And it feels epic!
The challenges do lie ahead as I have begun this yesterday I find that as I plan my week the page seems very full something that is very overwhelming as I don’t think I have that much to do!
Need to review!
The one aspect of Vanderkam’s book is that there is only 168 hours in that week and it is up to you how you use it routine of allocating sleep and that leaves you with enough time to plan a weekly work and social time!!
Another idea she illustrates is to create a prospective performance review! Interesting as this will feed into the CPD that I have been putting on hold!
It all makes perfect sense!
Here is to the 1st task: sticking to the plan and accomplishing my goals for the week!download (1)



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