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Writing guest posts for LIS Blogs

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Deciding to write a guest post? What are you waiting for?

It can be very daunting writing a blog post for a professional blog rather than writing for your own blog. However there are many ways of getting past this, the first step is to look closely at the content that is being produced.

Still daunted? I didn’t think so. The content is exactly the same as you produce personally.  My personal fear is having others view what I have written. Questioning, is it good enough? Have I made a total mess of the conference review and worst of all did I miss anything?

Many LIS blogs welcome guest posts with wide open arms. And the content is totally up to you, (within reason of course, it will still be reviewed by the editorial board) in my own experience I have written about events, seminars and conferences that I have attended over the last year or so.

Writing about conferences and events is great however it may only be of advantage to people within Ireland who could not attend on the day. In order to produce a blog post that can be viewed and discussed by people in and outside Ireland, decide to brave and write about current LIS topics that are causing a stir.

What are the benefits of writing guest posts?

LIS Blogs are highly important when building a professional profile; many of the professionals that maintain LIS blogs interlink their work with professionals in the UK and America.

It is this global platform that gives the first and most important benefit in writing for LIS blogs. This is why I have previously mentioned creating posts that will cause a global discussion.

Personally for me the main benefit is confidence. It has given me confidence in my writing. Guest posts have built my confidence in how to critically assess a topic or event and enabled me to be confident in engaging with others throughout the LIS profession.

I have written for three professional LIS blogs, Libfocus, LAI CDG, and New Professionals Day Ireland (NPD).

In writing these guest posts you build on your individual professional profile and CPD, it connects you with many more LIS professionals which in turn helps you develop and grow with your LIS sector.



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