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Library Camp 2015

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My first Library Camp, this is the third year running and it is fair to say it is an event that will not be missed again.

For those who don’t know what Libcamp is, it is run by the Career Development Group of the Library Association of Ireland (an awesome group) and it is what we can call nowadays an “unconference”.

cropped-laicdg-11So what is an unconference I hear you say, according to Forbes  “At an unconference, no topics have been predetermined, no keynote speakers have been invited, no panels have been arranged”

Within Libcamp, there is an agenda, pitches have been outlined before the event and posted on the CDG website, an overall theme is given and each pitch relates to this.  From there on, the day it is up to the attendees to make the most of discussion, by jumping in at anytime of the pitch and creating and imputing into the conversation, and most importantly by moving around each pitch to make the most of your day.

Your time on the day is the most important, I felt myself getting caught up in the pitches once they started and was very reluctant to leave one go to another, but once I started to get a feel of the day it was super fun.

The first pitch was by Jenny O’Neill, on the librarian’s elevator pitch, which is something that is very important especially for new library professionals starting out. Having started an internship, I was meet with alot of questions and astonishing stares as I spoke about what a library and information professional was. One such question was “so how does one become a librarian” and when I answered a “Masters” I got lots of “OOH” “WOW” REALLY” (this annoyed the hell out of me) so Jenny’s pitch was ideal for me.

I wandered into the end of Genevieve Larkin’s pitch about Marketing services at Cregan Library and felt a bit lost until her last segment where everything fell into place and this was super to see how everyone’s input gave Genevieve a new insight into what she needed to focus on when she returned to work.

My favorite pitch of the day was Louise Galligan’s, on Marketing the Libraryless Librarian, and she used the word BRAND to go through her pitch, the N for me is the most exciting part of being a librarian and going to library events: NETWORKING, we all know we should make more time to attend events, but for me it is that bit more difficult as I am based in Waterford and many events will not be anywhere near me. In order to combat this distance issue, I use social networking to keep myself in the loop.

Last pitch of the day was Niamh O’Sullivan, and this was something I needed to know, Picture Perfect Presentations, this has torn my hair out on so many levels even doing blog posts and finding images and not knowing where to find them, who to credit them too, or even if I was doing any of this right. Niamh put all my fears to rest and gave  wonderful advice and great tips.

It was a great day, I met loads of new wonderful people and came away with many new ideas, which I will hopefully develop over the coming months!



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