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Wise words of an Information Professional (Not Me)

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The following post refers to an article from an SLA blog post – Tasks for Modern Info Pros: Do Good Work

Jacob Ratliff  (2015) “identified 5 essential attributes of modern information professionals and set forth 12 key tasks they must perform”

What he says we should be doing is:

  • Demonstrate value,
  • Be a part of the culture that exists,
  • have others appreciate the unique skill set(s) that we have.
  • We bring value, but we need to make it front and center, and we need to do it quickly and often.

My question – How?

The reasons Ratliff gives are bold, and may not always be welcomed in every organisation, and to be honest, there are a few in organisations that just won’t care! Saying that, this advice is awesome.

My experience with bureaucracy is still very new and I am very much learning, however, the contexts will always be different. Sometimes when you ignore the rules there are repercussions.

I am working on a restructuring project in a small organisation as an intern. This project is not only to restructure the way the heritage professionals work but how they think about the way they work.

However always finding what people want & doing it in a way that they prefer, has delayed the project at least six months.

I can’t help but preach the motto “Know your organisation”, as I began this internship I knew nothing about heritage let alone what the heritage council did. I saw heritage as the Irish Flag, our national anthem, which is cultural heritage but I never thought about it on a deeper level. I have learned so much about corporate governance for the Irish Arts Sector and where heritage sits within the Irish Government. In addition, I have seen the many plays of politics that surround this governance and where the organisation lies within that framework. I am still learning, but I am surrounded by great teachers, so it helps.

Doing good work in a position like this is crucial, use the team meetings to tell them what you have done, not what you are going to do this I have learned the hard way!





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