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Making ‘ME’ Find-able!


danielle-orner-quote-i-am-hereI recently joined a webinar through SLA titled “Create your own Career Path”. This inspiring webinar was given by Kim Dority,  a Content Strategist, and LIS Careers Expert. Kim’s blog is also a very good place to go to for inspiring pieces about your career journey and what we face along the way.

This webinar really made me sit up and think, many of the points she made throughout the presentation hit a nerve with me and I found myself thinking, HEY! I need to do something here.

One piece that Kim spoke about that I found very interesting is how to create your own career path through LinkedIn, my LinkedIn is Twitter so here I have mapped what we need to do.

Firstly you need to deeply think about the people you want to connect with and why you want to make that connection. What impact will this person have on you and your career going forward?

Librarians are great for networking and we are not shy when it comes to reaching out and asking about each others roles. Reaching out to people today is easy, for example, librarians are very active on twitter, however, the question to ask is “who really knows about you”?

According to Kim with social media like twitter you have to set your professional reputation so that you actively take a role in what perceptions people have of you. You have the responsibility to show other professionals “Here is who I am” and “Here is how I can help you”.

To really learn from these professionals connect with them. Kim suggests doing this in a formal capacity. Suggested here is to find a list of professionals, whose job titles fit your interests, library orientated or not. Next research this target area as a whole, once this is done, create an email inviting them to take part in an information interview.

Hands up anyone who has heard of an information interview because I never had. It is “a meeting to learn about the real-life experience of someone working in a field or company that interests you”. Where was this when I was in school? There have been a few professionals that I met in the last year and I have been intrigued about a lot of things mainly, how they came to be in their particular role(s)?

To learn more about the details of an information interview I would suggest contacting Kim, she is very welcoming.

Personally, I feel these information interviews will give me a lot of confidence. Ireland is small and the conferences are great, however, I meet the same people over and over again. I want to talk to the Principal of a school, I want to talk to the various local authority managers. I want to talk to these diverse people because they don’t realise they need me as a professional, they don’t know I exist. I need them to know that I am here, that I am not far away and I can help them, or at least inform them of what we do as librarians.

So I hope with this blog post that all the wonderful librarians out there can do this also, we need to put ourselves out there and we need to get out of the library and talk to different individuals who just one day will wake up and go, I NEED A LIBRARIAN/INFORMATION SPECIALIST.


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2 thoughts on “Making ‘ME’ Find-able!

  1. Great thoughts, Siobhan. “Informational interview” is a commonly-used term here. I wonder if it’s not something taught in library schools in Europe? Other industries may call it something different, but in LIS world, I have always heard of it as the “informational interview.” Which, by the way, is different from a reference interview. Kim Dority is a great with with amazing insights. I’m glad you were able to hear her present.

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