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August Webinar – Mentoring

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(Recording only allowed through registration)

mentoringworks_logoTopic: Mentoring

This webinar is jam-packed with the top information professionals, and they each bring their own flavour of mentorship to this session.

Here I shall outline a few:

Pam Rollo has a background is in public, and corporate library, to find out more check out a small piece on the SLA website.

According to Pam,  mentoring is a wonderful attribute to have as a person. You are always providing help and support, giving tips and tricks and guidance.

Part of being a mentor you need to develop a plan to reach your mentee’s goals. These goals will break-through what the mentee is trying to achieve long term. One major part you have to play as a mentor is to help others develop faith in their ambitions.

Pam mentions how Rose L.Vormelker was part of her ambitions, she feels Rose was a mentor to us all, being remarkable in the places she has worked and influences she has had.

Next on is Ashleigh Faith, she says building a team between you and your mentor is vital.

Communication is also high on the list, both mentor and mentee need to communicate what you want and communicate what you need. Pursue professional development and ask your mentor to coach you, for example going to conferences. The most important part is to have a roadmap for the mentee towards professional goals.

Tracy Maleeff, the super Library Sherpa, is as we all know awesome!

Do I need to say anymore?

Kati Arzeta’s advice is  “Making the most of what you have”.

Find what you are good at, aim for expertise with these certain skills.

In addition as a mentor get people to know the business inside out whatever that business is, whatever library sector you are in KNOW IT.

Organisational knowledge and imitate knowledge of the people within the organisation is good, it gives you confidence and use this confidence and knowledge in an interview. Know the who’s who of the organisation.

Dee Magnoni is the Research Library Director at Los Alamos National Laboratory, suggests as a mentor to listen to individuals goals and see how they map the organisations goals. All these issues need to be discussed regularly.

One way to progress is to have a skills awareness, who has what skills in the organisation, pick up on these skills and as a mentee reach out to them and ask about these diverse skills.

As a mentor, you have the potential to team people together, go outside the library and have the cup of coffee.

Please check out these wonderful people mentioned, all are the best in the library and information profession.


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