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March Madness: Being Inspired!

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March Madness, the madness is time is flying by!

The long bright evenings are so inspiring, inspiring me to do more. Take that walk, prep that blog post, read that chapter.

Setting goals for each month and then writing in my personal journal about my achievements is inspiring me to do more, looking back over all the completed to do lists is magical.

For the first time I got the opportunity to walk in the St Patrick’s Day Parade, it was super. I have increased my fitness level and I feel very positive about my weigh in next month!

Next month brings a family wedding, a weekend long celebration that I am looking forward to and being asked to do a reading at the mass has made me feel very honoured!

I have also begun writing a short story for a competition, and a very good friend is being my reviewer, with lots of positive feedback. It is probably a pile of junk and she is being super sweet, I don’t mind it’s fun!

I have signed up for a few MOOC’s the self learning ones, and I’m disappointed in the quality of them, so I have not been inclined to go back which is disheartening, I might give it another try this week and see how I get on!

I have been keeping tabs on my habits, from only having the one cup of coffee a day, to drinking 4-6 pints of water, to setting my reading challenge and I found an app called Slides which sends you multiple reminders of each one and I have realised it does keep me on my toes.

So what is in store for next month,

  • I need to update my blog with another review of The Organsied Mind,
  • I also hope to read an article about Big Data & Data Privacy and blog about that. It is such an interesting topic!
  • Stay positive!

Enjoy those nice long evenings!



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One thought on “March Madness: Being Inspired!

  1. Keep going love xxx

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