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“Privacy, a human right for the digital age” – the legal practice and challenge of Data Protection

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Preserving the privacy of Europeans is a big challenge facing the European Union states Dr Denis Keller, a barrister  who specialises in privacy and data protection law.

The biggest news in the last few months sees the European Parliament passing new rules surrounding data protection, also known as the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”).

Many of the challenges facing Europe and the reason these rules are so crucial to the people of Europe can be seen in the way data can be gathered and used through our “data gathering devices” or as we like to call them our phones.

In addition to this personal privacy the law needs to take into account surveillance, how CCTV is used and how recording devices are now in everyone’s pocket, if you are being recorded you need to be aware of the interviewer but also your audience.

Dr Keller stress the threat to privacy in the privatisation of surveillance and how phone tapping can now be done outside of state surveillance. This massive topic has many angles and the magnitude of people that are affected by it makes the legislation hard to combat it, as it is forever changing.

So how do we, the regular people with the regular phones get our privacy back?

Dr Keller says there is an increased awareness now, but more people need to question their privacy, as they don’t know their rights.

Furthermore, to understand the data that is being harvested and gathered at all times & more importantly to change their behaviour surrounding privacy and the legal aspect of this topic.


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