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Data Protection: The Unprecedented Change.

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Emma Redmond brings us through the terms and concepts involved in data protection. The definition of privacy or data protection is basically the protection of that personal data. Redmond explains this definition is a key and important concept to understand.

The importance of what is happening within EU legislation is reiterated over and over again by Redmond, where she states “we have never seen anything like this before”.

What is this change?

A lot of this is legal change with the main two areas being The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the EU – US Privacy Shield.

Who are the main players in this change?

Redmond brings us back to the fundamental basics of data protection, and teaches us to ask who is actually controlling all this personal data AKA a “Data Controller”. As the data is collected, held, processed, is that data then changed by a third party? If so this data then comes into the hands of a “Data Processor”. Redmond gives the example of a bank transaction, does the bank have a third party that will need to service all these public needs, and no surprise, the answer is yes.

What does it look like for us the people?

It is our fundamental right to have protection over our data, so we need to know what players are in the field and who does what to our data.



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