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Google’s New Mobile Index

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Intrigued was the word I used when I saw this article last week, I thought why would you create a totally new Index for a mobile device?

What is the point?

Google are saying, while desktop searches are still high, the majority now of google searches are coming from mobile devices. Now, what is the point of creating a totally new index just because the search is being made from a mobile device?

Looking deeper into this I had to back – track, so everyone is doing more on the mobile device, true. But how many people still use a desktop every day, this also has to have some significance?

And I am right to think this as many experts are saying the same thing;

“Are we now going to have to use mobiles at our desks? The mention of that word ‘primary’ seems to suggest so, as we become faced with outdated content on desktop search”

Sam Hurley, digital marketing expert

“I think the main reason Google is making this change has to do with people searching on mobile, getting a snippet created from the desktop index, and then not seeing the snippet content on the page once they click through. What this means for SEOs is that any content on desktop that doesn’t exist on mobile may not be updated as frequently (we’re talking hours here not days) and may not have as much weight for ranking”

Ryan Jones, SEO Manager

The answer; there is a need to “provide faster loading, mobile-optimised pages”, according to an article published late October this year.

“(Google) updated their algorithm in 2015 to prioritise websites that are optimised for mobile and provided a ranking boost for mobile-friendly sites, as well as the recent inclusion of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) in the search results”.

Ok so now I am starting to understanding the method in what is still some madness. But still, I am very intrigued!



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