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Workplace Behaviour and Taking Risks


workplaceThe following article in Entrepreneur  really made me sit and think about how to reflect on behaviour.

Behaviour within the workplace is crucial, I am very aware of people and I have always had a good sense of what you do and don’t do in the workplace.

At the top of my list is time keeping, it annoys me to death when people show up late to work. I find it is very ignorant to your boss and to your colleagues. having bad time keeping skills says a lot about you as a person. For instance, your not organised, and you don’t take into context how other colleagues may have to wait for your arrival in order to answer a query. This is not good team management.

Going beyond the call of duty. This is my inner self going “I did it”. When you notice that people around you need help and you have the time to give it to them, just do it. Recently I was in a position to give my skills to three or four projects outside of my remit as an intern. In doing this, the opportunities it has afforded me are second to none, Many reasons for this include;

  • I got to know other colleagues better.
  • They got to understand my interests and opinions of various projects.
  • I learned from them.
  • I got to know and understand the organisation, the history, the who’s who, (and a little bit of gossip).
  • They got to understand me and my profession better.

Networking, making yourself known and going to work events, are also super important. To look at other organisations that are similar to yours and see their challenges and opportunities is a great discussion to have, especially over a team building exercise. These events give you space to create a conversation that you will be remembered, especially by the boss or HR.

Taking risks is nerve racking, I am contemplating setting goals for 2016 and I really want to push myself. Doing things that I am not sure I will succeed in is so far out of my comfort zone that I might as well be jumping out of a plane. Saying that, I have time, I can do research to help me make that decision, I have people I can call on for advice. I can find ways to handle these things that right now I may not know how to do, I just need to believe in myself and encourage myself. This is my time, and I will succeed.

Good behaviour and the right attitude will keep me on the path to success.



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On Wednesday 10th of April Croke Park Conference Centre, the Library Association of Ireland, Career Development Group got together to organise an event for Professionals in work and how to enhance or renew their skills. In addition advice was given to guide Professionals that have recently been out of work along with the emergence of New Professionals into the world of Librarianship.

Two of the committee leaders Giada and Daniel were our speakers for today. Giada led the conversation with a very engaging Prezi presentation, where she gave a background to the establishment of the CDG which was something that amazed me; the group really have only begun to emerge in the last 12 months! My perception was this was a long established committee, so I was very eager to see their plans for the future.

Giada and co, have many ambitions for the group one aspect is to embed a job’s forum within the LAI’s website, and to work in conjunction with employers in order to establish another platform to seek us as potential employee’s.

This is a positive ambition of the committee as the establishment of has given me and my fellow classmates from SILS in UCD a lot of hope and encouragement for the future.

In addition future ambitions include the “libcamp”. I had not heard of the English version, however as Giada illustrated the event seems very engaging, the day is very informal, a topic is chosen beforehand within a group with similar ideas and you “pitch” this topic/idea to the floor! It sounds delightful, as there are so many issues surrounding our profession that you don’t always get the time to engage in debate, or even find people with similar or contrasting ideas. I am really looking forward to this event and I hope I can be a part of it!

Giada’s presentation then focused on Professionals within work, and she had a positive message. “Learn, Go, And Do”! This message would be a great workshop for any library to engage in.

Libraries today are facing many restrictions, however if you brought this plan into your institution you can change the outlook within the Profession and view these challenges as road block you need to divert from not stop at!

The procedures in which Giada outlined is to constantly keep up-to-date with the issues/topics/challenges surrounding you and your position. Get involved with the many debates that are being held via social networking. Personally I find Twitter an essential tool, even if your knowledge of the topic is sparse you still gain a lot from these conversations. I do take part in the Irish Libchat (#irelibchat) and it is great as you may not know these people but you build an online rapport with them. This is extremely beneficial when you attend conferences as this connection is already well established and you have found the links you need to help you within the issues and challenges facing you.

Another way to build your network is through Mailing lists and Newsletters; these illustrate the current issues and challenges facing this Profession. The people established within the various institutions need to engage with these issues in order to find solutions. So build up your social network, engage with the debates at conferences and keep up-to-date with issues and challenges, it is the only way to find solutions to the many problems facing Library and Information Studies!

This model Giada created is what she adopted as Professional Activism which is very true. The Professionals that are in the Professions need to renew their skills at a time when this profession is being threatened, and engage in dialogue with their colleagues from various institutions nationwide and worldwide to see how these have managed and used these challenges to be more effective for their community.