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February’s Special Guests

Thursday February 21st 2013

As part of today’s class in the School of Library and Information Studies our lecturer Maria has organised a guest speaker, Bernard Barrett, according to his profile he is a Information Scientist/Research Officer for HSE Child and Family Services.

To gather some insight on his talk Maria sent us a recent article he wrote about advocacy which was very engaging and challenged some issues surrounding a new identity of Libraries and Librarians.

We also had to research some health reports which documented many ways in which health libraries had been effective in supporting Hospital staff in the way they need to retrieve information about medical issues.

One of these documents that has been instrumental in recent times can be sourced here. 

Bernard as a speaker is exceptional he is very easy to speak to and lays out the problems that librarians and information professional face. Before class myself and a few other classmates had a cup of coffee with Bernard and we had a very engaging discussion about how we as budding librarians can transform the profession and bring about change.

Laura Toogood, SILS Alumni: Career Options for SILS

The above talk was organised by our head of school Lee Komito, Laura attending UCD as an undergrad and secured her PhD in Social Informatics. Laura is based in England, she gave a very interesting talk about her time in UCD and how she progressed onto the PhD, from there she documented her journey and how she has set up her own website.

It was very reassuring to hear from a previous student of SILS that there is progression in this discipline and that our skills can be transferable to many different sectors.