The Casual Librarian

My thoughts and opinions

Siobhán McGuinness

pro headshotIn 2012 I was awarded my degree in  Sociology, Politics & Social Justice, which began my journey into Librarianship.

Following my Degree, I undertook a Masters in Library and Information Studies in University College Dublin, which I graduated from in 2013.

This blog contains general thoughts and discussions on all things Libraries and Information Studies. Social media is influencing Librarians today and through Twitter and blogs like this one, we are changing how Librarianship is perceived.

In generating this conversation I collaborate with @uklibchat for monthly Twitter chats and I have been part of the successful Rudai23 program in 2015 & 2017.

Networking through Twitter is a crucial part of my learning, writing and reflecting. Through this blog I create a space to share my opinions on various topics within the Library and Informational sector, and my own personal interests.

If you wish to connect with me please find me on Twitter – @shivguinn


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